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The Omer Cayman ET is a new cuttlefish shape spear gun with considerable mass and rigidity featuring an integrated enclosed track spear shaft guide. This system keeps the shaft perfectly straight during the shooting phase even with double bands avoiding any possibility of so called shaft whip". The outcome is more power, accuracy and range than traditional open track guns of comparable size. The increased volume of the spear gun barrel allows for an optimal balance of the gun even with 7mm shafts and double band. The aluminum extruded barrel thickness of 1.2mm (.05") in gun lengths of 75cm, 85cm and 95 cm (29.5", 33.5" and 37.4") and barrel thickness 1.5mm (.06") in gun lengths of 105cm, 115cm and 130 cm (41.3", 45.3" and 51.2"), provide strength, durability and adds accuracy to your shot.

E.T. spear guns in 75 cm, 85 cm and 95 cm length are equipped with America shark fin shaft 6.5mm (0.25") and Power 18 band, while guns with longer lengths 105 cm, 115 cm and 130 cm are equipped with America shark fin shaft 6.75mm (0.27") and Top Energy 16 double band. The bands feature a Dyneema wishbone line that is attached directly to a fin of the shaft. The AISI630 (17-4PH) stainless steel shafts integrate three 300 kg (650 lbs.) strength AISI304 steel shark-fins in place of traditional notches. The profile of the shark fins is thin with the end resulting in better hydrodynamics and penetration through the fish. Each shark fin has a hole to attach the shooting line on. The shafts come in a natural satin finish and come standard with a single flopper barb point design that increases penetration.

The handle features the Cayman mechanism entirely made in stainless steel to ensure great sensitivity even in the face of extreme loads. This gun is equipped with a weight system in the muzzle to balance its floatability. The new muzzle is designed for the use of one or two circular bands. The geometry of the muzzle places the loaded power bands in a low profile position that improves maneuverability and clears the line of sight. The positioning of the bands ensures a perfectly parallel band release without rubbing on the barrel.

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